Oct 182010

Traditional businesses adopted word of mouth, flyers, print advertisements, and, sometimes, media advertisement as main source of visibility. Nowadays, the primary source of effective visibility is on the Internet.

SEARCH ENGINES are the vehicles that people on the Internet use to search for
products, services and information. Your business needs to be visible on results of Internet searches from the search engines. You have to do that on the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com.

Not only is it important to ensure that your website is actually listed in popular search engines, but it is crucial that your site appears on the first page of search results because

More than 80% of users only view the first page.

How do you do that?

Search engine results are dependant on a multiple of parameters, variables, and analytics. KEYWORDS are the words, or phrases, that browsers use in the search box of search engines. Keywords used by the searchers, are constantly read, studied, analysed, tabulated, and compared, by the search engines. The objective that the search engines are after from these tasks, is to be able to somehow accurately rank available websites that carry close relationship to the Keywords used by the searchers. Once the search engine manages to rank visible websites related to a specific search, it produces the result on screen for the browser. Google does that 10 on a page. So, appearing on the first page guarantees your visibility to a higher degree.

Yeah, but how do you guess the Keywords the browsers will use? How do you make your website carry a close relationship to the browsers searches? This is what is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

TRAFFIC is a term describing the number of browsers who land on your website, preferably on the first page, as a result of their search. In other words, it is the amount of visibility your website carries on the search engines. High rankings on Google not only lead to increased traffic to your site but, with the right keyword strategy, will probably result in more sales for your business.

Unfortunately, launching a website does not guarantee that search engines will find you and often it takes several months before your new site is found by a search engine. And if your website design is not search engine optimised, the usual scenario is that your competitors have already taken up the first few pages of search results. Only people who actually know your website address (URL) will find your site… That does not count as Traffic!

The good news is that you can be proactive about your website’s search engine visibility. Kwik-Web Search Engine Optimisation programs can get your new website listed in search engines in a week and have it appear, in most cases, on the first page of results in a few months.

Now, that’s sufficient to guarantee new sales!

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