Oct 092010

What is Google Analytics anyways?

Google Analytics is a platform used by webmasters (you) to collect data from the visitors that come to your site and then aggregate that data in order to present it back to you as detailed reports and statistics. The reports can be highly customized to be able to drill down to an unbelievable level of detail about your visitors.

Examples of some of the details that you can learn about your visitors include:

  • Average time spent on your site
  • Geographic Location of your visitors
  • What search keywords were used to find your site on the search engines
  • Lists of sites that have refered visitors to your site
  • A drilldown of what content pages are more popular than others
  • What languages your customers speak
  • and hundreds of more details…

Google Analytics can also collect statistics and report back to you about how well your advertising campaign are working, how much revenue is being generated from your online store, and even how well a TV ad or Telephone ad campaign is performing.

How to integrate Google Analytics with WordPress

So here’s where you’re probably expecting me to explain really complicated steps to set up the integration between the two systems. Actually to most peoples surprise it’s incredbly easy to get it up and running.


  1. Create a Googel Analytics account by visiting http://www.google.ca/analytics
  2. After the account is created, it will bring you to the Create a Profile page. On this page enter the website address for your WordPress site.
  3. On the next page you will see your tracking code. Copy the Web Property ID found on the page and save it for later user. (Should start with UA-xxx)
  4. Open up your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the Plugins tab on the left hand side. Click on Add New at the top of the window.
  5. Search for “Google Analytics” and the first result should be Google Analytics for WordPress. Select it and then click Intall Plugin and then activate the new plugin.
  6. Click the Settings tab on the left side of the Dashboard and the select Google Analytics
  7. Right at the top there is a check box that stated Manually enter Tracking code. Please select the checkbox.
  8. In the Tracking Code box just paste the Web Property ID that was copied earlier from the Google page.
  9. Press the submit changes button.
  10. Congratulations you’ve done it. Your site is now 100% integrated with Google Analytics and within a few days you can check your Google Analytics page to see your statistics.

If you would like to read more about Google Analytics and the types of reports it can display, please check out the fantastic tour that Google has prepared at the following link.
http://www.google.ca/analytics/tour.html Briturnyniba .

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