Aug 172012

Technological advancement and the rapid growth of the internet have enabled many entrepreneurs and self starters to begin new businesses from their homes. The urge to become one’s own boss and have a flexible working environment has prompted many to use the internet to earn their bread and butter. I for one have been working on my own for the last 3 years from my home and have successfully built my online marketing business.

Indeed, the global economic slump and regular retrenchment of work staff has also not helped matters either. With jobs already scarce and companies not willing to add on to their manpower, people laid off have no other choice but to start to look at alternate avenues to earn their livelihood.

However, the online marketing venture is not something that everybody finds success with and that is mainly because of some common mistakes or misplaced perceptions about this business.

Let us look at the five most common reasons why most people who start implementing online marketing for the first time are not always successful.

a)      The first one is the very high expectations that people have of this business. From the outside it would look pretty easy to make money online, thanks to the various marketing and advertising hype about easy money being made by many self proclaimed online superstars. It is important to approach this business with the same attitude as other businesses and not look for a way to get rich quick. It often doesn’t work like that online.

b)      Many individuals fail to plan the manner in which they build their business. They look for short cuts and are in a hurry to make money without understanding the fundamentals of the internet marketing business. They thus lose focus easily jumping from one method of making money to another and end up not accomplishing their goals.

c)      Then you have those who are keen to learn a lot and wish to know everything before they take action. That again is a flawed approach as it has become evident you do not have to become a master of many things to make money online. The aim should be to focus on one method, learn it fully and concentrate on it until you achieve success.

d)     Failure to take action due to information overload is yet another reason why many people despite their clear intentions and focus do not succeed. They do not know where to start and have so many courses and tips that they get swamped by and therefore end up doing nothing.

e)      The last reason is a lack of proper mentorship and direction. is a new business venture and it is always better to seek out a mentor whom you can follow and replicate his or her success.

These are just a few of the many potential problems that people tend to fall into when embarking on a new venture online. Do your research, prepare yourself, find the right people who you can model or who can help you and go for it.

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