Jul 032011

A lot of people have tried and failed time and time again to make money online. I myself have spent many years learning firsthand how difficult it can be to make money online.

There are actually a lot of great ways to earn money online however one caveat to keep in mind is that anyone that tells you that it’s easy is not telling you the truth.

One great way to make money on your website is Google Adsense. This is Pay-Per-Click advertising. The way it works is that advertisers sign up with Google and place bids on certain keywords or keyword phrases. If Google determines that the content of your site contains one or more of the keywords that were bid upon then the advertisers compete for some pre-designated space on your website. Depending on the quality of your content and the number of visitors to your site you can start earning more and more from Google Adsense.

When I started this blog, I posted a Google Adsense ad block on the right hand sidebar and I was getting approximately 8 to 10 cents per click. Now that my site has been up for a while, each and every time someone visiting my site clicks on the ad to the right, I make approximately 1$. Even if the user doesn’t buy anything at all on the advertisers website I still get paid.

Another great way to make money online is by signing up and referring your website visitors to other companies to buy products from them. This is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the largest and most profitable forms of marketing on the internet. It is the practice of receiving commission on selling the goods or services of another company. The way this works is that you create a value driven website with good content. You get visitors to read reviews that you write on a certain product that you think they might need and then you give a link to the website where they can go buy it. http://www.kwik-web.com/making-money-online/ http://www.kwik-web.com/making-money-online/If they click on that affiliate link and end up purchasing it, you are paid commissions on that sale. You can refer to the diagram just to the left to see how it works.

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