Jun 192011

People usually don’t tend to realize the grand effect that our fathers have
bestowed upon us until much later in their life.

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was a very shy little kid. My father
would take me to work and I would essentially hide behind his leg for most of
the day as he walked through the office. My father would try and introduce me
to people and I would be too shy to even say my name. Then one day all of a
sudden, my father told me something that to this day I have never forgotten.
What he said was “Jason, one of the best lessons that you can learn in
life is the importance of Networking”. Now I was young but I thought he
was trying to tell me to get into computers and learn networking. He then
proceeded to explain to me that what he meant was “People
Networking”. He was telling me at the ripe young age of 8 or 9 years old
to introduce myself to people and build relationships. He explained that one
day these relationships with people were going to bring me much success in my

Now over 15 years later, he couldn’t have been more right. I have continued
to build up my people skills over the years and I have made it a point to speak
to people in such a way where when I leave the conversation, they remember me
for a long time. That little conversation with my dad over 15 years earlier
essentially changed me completely from being a shy introverted little kid to being
an outgoing extroverted networking and enterprising young adult. I am now known
to my friends and peers alike as the guy who has connections everywhere. I am
constantly asked by people that I know or work with for the best doctors in a
specific area or where to find certain products cheap or various other things
and I usually have a connection for everything they ask.

Over the years, my father has been there for me through
thick and thin. We have had fights just like any other family and we’ve
overcome them as well. The one thing that I want to mention is that my father
has been a role model to me just in being who he is. His dedication to his
family and his professional life has always been an inspiration to me to

My father taught me that you can never be too young to open
a business. So when my father had his own business in distribution, I decided
to open up my own retail version of his business at the ripe old age of 16
years old. Since then, I have had many small businesses, some of them never really
flourished and others are currently doing very well.

It is because of my father that I am an entrepreneur today
earning more than 90% of people my age.

Every time a new customer signs up for Kwik-Web services, it
makes my father just that much more proud of me for succeeding in life.
Therefore I want to offer a discount on our site to any fathers out there. Just
enter the coupon code “FathersRock
into our shopping cart to instantly remove $15.00 from any order no matter how
big or small. This special is not only for Father’s day however it is for a limited
amount of time therefore hurry and take advantage of it.

I love my father and thank him for being who he is. Happy
Father’s Day!!!

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