Nov 152012

So you’ve started posting on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you’ve joined Google+ or Pinterest or many of the other millions of social networks out there. You’ve made some friends, got some likes but they are not buying. Sound familiar?

One of the main problems that business owners have these days is that they lack the understanding of the point of social media. It was not created or intended to be used a purely a business marketing tool. It was designed to create social engagement between people. Not between brands / businesses and people but from one person to the next.

With that in mind, you need to be real. When thinking about posting on social media, don’t just post the latest article you wrote and hope that your fans will click the link and read it. Provide a voice for your business. Engage with your customers or prospects. Ask them questions, poll them on some topic. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Learn something about each and every one of them and show them that you went through the trouble to do that. Prove to them that you care about them and they will surely show up to buy from you.

Give them stuff for free.  That’s always one easy way to win over a crowd. Do it in such a way as to make it fun for them. You could maybe make it a game. For example, for each of you who can convince 10 of your friends to like my Facebook Fan Page, I will personally send you an autographed copy of XYZ magazine featuring ABC completely free of charge a value of $97.

Don’t forget to give the value for a free give-away. Especially if it is being given away in the context of a contest or a game.

My absolute best advice to you is just have fun with it. When it starts to feel like work to you, change something up to keep it fun. The more fun you are having engaging with your customers, some of that fun will rub off on them and all of a sudden they will start having fun. Once that happens you’ve created a dedicated customer for life.

Good luck in your social media campaigns and feel free to comment below to let me know some of the cool things you have done to engage with your customers using social media.

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