Jul 102011

Historically, Google has failed time and time again with launching it’s social media platforms. Google Buzz is a great example of their main attempt to enter the social media circle and fail. I bet not even one in ten people that read this blog post have ever even heard about Google Buzz.

This time however, I strongly believe it’s different. Just the overall reaction a few weeks back when it soft launched shows that people are excited about this new service that Google is trying to showcase. The launch of Google+ almost immediately added $20B to Google’s market cap.

Check out this short video of the capabilities and featureset that Google+ brings to the table:

The most exciting new feature that Google is bringing to the table with this social media project is it’s +Circles feature. Google has determined that people build up very complex relationships and levels of connections to other people. Therefore they don’t always want to share everything with everyone on their list. Facebook has certain ways of making some photos, videos and posts private but what they haven’t yet been able to do is really allow you to target or group certain individuals like Google has.

The +Circles feature allows you to categorize each and every contact in your network. People can be added to as many or as little circles as you would like. Then when posting certain types of content i.e. videos, pictures, albums, music, interests, conversations, etc… you would be able to choose exactly what circles that you would like to be able to access that content giving you the freedom of absolute control over your own privacy.

Another really interesting feature that they have created is called +Sparks. This feature allows you to add certain interests to your list of sparks and Google will scour the internet for what it believes is the most interesting content that it can find to match your interests. This allow you to have a constant stream of interesting stuff to watch, listen, or read right from within your account. No need to go out and scour the internet on your own for this anymore.

They have also done a lot of work to add such features as +Huddle which is a form of group chat where people can easily get together and have a live discussion, plan the next event or project, decide where to go get dinner, etc… +Hangouts is similar to +Huddle in that it is a form of group video chat where many people can all see each other and spend some quality time chatting online. http://www.kwik-web.com/google-the-new-social-media-frontier/ http://www.kwik-web.com/google-the-new-social-media-frontier/They have made it incredibly easy to instantly upload any kind of content from most mobile smartphone directly to your Google+ profile with it’s feature called +Mobile.

All these new features that they are bringing out all at once are what will eventually really set them apart from Facebook or any other major player in the social media networking crowd. I’m very curious to see how the other players react to this ever changing and very fast paced marketplace.

Google+ is not yet open and available to the public however it should be open and available in the coming few weeks.

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