Oct 202010


Should I have a website for my business? Why do I really need one?

Will I need to learn a lot of technical stuff, including programming?

How much it is gonna cost me to build it? Can I justify the recurring costs?

Wouldn’t a website use up all of my time?

Think again….


If you are considering taking your business to the next level you have to be present online. It does not need to be complicated or confusing.

Any good advisor on web presence will quickly put your mind at rest and explain simply how your website will:

  • save you time
  • save you money
  • make you money!

You will find many ways to use your website effectively and suddenly the benefits will pop-up in front of you! You will wonder why you did not have a website before!

Do not get baffled by geek speak! You don’t need to discuss the technical stuff at all. The Internet has become the market for the ready made! There will be lots to choose from and it may be hard to decide the best choice. But you do not need the best to increase your business visibility! You just need to establish what can get more potential customers to know you.


Chose the potential website providers who:

  • has a good attitude,
  • cares about your business as if it was his own,
  • allows you to have your website design in a very short period of time, for little front end cost and no technical contribution on your part,
  • is eager to teach the stuff that helps you become relatively independent,
  • will cost little or not at all in your progress phase once you have your web presence.

Learn to establish early what you foresee to achieve once you have your web presence. In other words, set your goals in this new project and never lose focus!

Be eager to learn a few things about using the Internet for marketing of your business. Go for the stuff that cost little or no money, then review your marketing plan as you see results and learn more.


You can not afford not to have a web presence in our era. The longer you wait the more opportunities pass you by. You don’t need to become a technical guru and never have to spend a lot of money. Make the Internet an ally of your business!

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