Aug 192012

Early last year (approx April 2011), Google announced a major overhaul of their search algorithm that they so happily codenamed Panda Update. This change caused a major uproar amongst the SEO experts of the internet since almost overnight, sites that were previously ranking fairly high in the search engine results were now not even appearing in the results anywhere. So much of their hard work had just been thrown out the door. The SEO gurus and businesses had to make a serious strategic change if they were to stay afloat in business.

Now, over a year later, I just love seeing how many bloggers can’t stop writing about it, cursing the changes, and shoving their points of view about the matter. I personally think it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to the internet. Google deserves a standing ovation. The change essentially made it so that marketers have to stop looking for tricks and fast ways to push a website up in the rankings. They need to focus and work on the content that the website delivers.

It is imperative that a website owner focus on creating good valuable content if they intend to display high in the search engine rankings nowadays. This is forcing small business owners and big shot online marketers to go back to the drawing boards and seriously take a look at their website to determine if they are in fact providing value to their customers.

In my opinion, the best way to increase your rankings in the search engines is to stop thinking about how well you are going to rank and just start focusing on your visitors to your website. You need to ensure that your website is welcoming, easy to navigate, and that everything they could ever want or expect from your website is there for their consumption. long as you are focusing on the customer as the target of your efforts, the search engines will pick up on this and will reward you for your efforts.

That’s my two cents but I would love to hear what you have to say about the matter. Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Jan 232011

For the World Wide Web, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like water to a plant. For SEO work to be successful on a website, links need to go in and out of that website. Back links are also referred to as inbound links and are submitted to other sites. Kwik-Web knows the importance of backlinks to your site.

We stress the importance of back links to reach higher rankings in search engines. The more links on other websites, the more credibility with search engines and that means the higher one will be seen in search engine results. We will recommend a marketing strategy that includes efforts to obtain more popularity for links. Continue reading »

Oct 182010

Traditional businesses adopted word of mouth, flyers, print advertisements, and, sometimes, media advertisement as main source of visibility. Nowadays, the primary source of effective visibility is on the Internet.

SEARCH ENGINES are the vehicles that people on the Internet use to search for
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Sep 142010

by Larisa Thomason,
Senior Web Analyst,
NetMechanic, Inc.

Your site’s home page is often the first contact that visitors have with your website design. A good home page helps turn casual visitors into repeat visitors – or even customers! Do you know what visitors want – or don’t want – to see on your home page?

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