Jan 202013

razr_phoneSo here is a relatively new idea and way to market your small business that I’m really excited to share. More than 7.8 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2011 alone. Also the revenue from SMS traffic is expected to break the $150 billion dollar mark in 2013. The coolest statistic is that the open rate of SMS messages is more than 96%.

With these strong statistics doesn’t it just make sense to use this as part of the marketing campain in your small business? Imagine sending out an SMS once a week to your list of 5000 subscribers offering them the discount of the week for your restaurant or storefront? At a 96% open rate you can only imagine how effective that campaign would be. You are sure to increase your business considerably.

There are also some great companies out there now offering these services very inexpensively to set up. seo company australia If you get in touch with us here at Kwik-Web, we would be glad to put you in touch with some leaders in the SMS marketing industry. We can even offer you help setting up your campaign and brainstorming how to best build your SMS phone number list for your business.

I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity before it becomes abused by some of the really big players.

Aug 022012

So recently I came across an article about needing to be an expert on a subject before writing about it if your intention is to sell what you are writing about. I don’t completely agree with that statement at all.

In my opinion there are several differences between being a trusted authority and an expert on a subject. To me, an expert is someone who has studied a subject inside and out and / or who has worked with that subject or in that field for a very long time until they became very knowledgeable. Trusted authority however is where you write your information targeting an audience that already has a certain trust relationship built up with you on a particular subject.

It is possible to be both an expert on a subject and a trusted authority. A good example of this would be Dr. http://www.kwik-web.com/difference-between-a-trusted-authority-and-an-exper/Phil. http://www.kwik-web.com/difference-between-a-trusted-authority-and-an-exper/He is not necessarily the far most expert in his field of psychology (not to say that he didn’t study and work hard to get to where he is) but people who watch him on a regular basis take his word seriously because of the trust relationship that he has worked hard to build up over the time.

I believe that you can write an opinionated piece on a particular subject and gain the support of many readers who share the same opinion as you do and therefore become a trusted authority on that subject.

I’d love to hear what you think about this topic. Feel free to leave your comments bellow with your thoughts on this.

Dec 062010

Today I am writing this article for all business owners whether they have a marketing plan for their businesses, or not. You might be a business who uses traditional advertising distribution media, like fliers or local newspapers.

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Nov 102010

So, you’re ready to bring your small business to the internet. It’s time to create your online presence, your marketing face in the online world.

Lots of businesses have walked this path already. Here are 10 common mistakes many companies have made, that you can avoid.

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Oct 202010


Should I have a website for my business? Why do I really need one?

Will I need to learn a lot of technical stuff, including programming?

How much it is gonna cost me to build it? Can I justify the recurring costs?

Wouldn’t a website use up all of my time?

Think again….

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Sep 052010

Hello readers,

Kwik-Web is proud to announce the start of this wonderful new web resource for all of you out there looking to get started on the web.
Our goal and aim is to give you the tools and knowledge to be able to build your online web presence for your small / medium sized business today with little or no web building experience.

Our technical team has been building websites and web applications for years. At first glance, this task might seem daunting however since we plan on sharing the vast knowledge that we have gained over the years in this industry we can guarantee that you will be able to get something really nice going in no time. Website design is only one of our specialties!

What are you waiting for? Click Here to get started.