Dec 062010

Today I am writing this article for all business owners whether they have a marketing plan for their businesses, or not. You might be a business who uses traditional advertising distribution media, like fliers or local newspapers.

I also address this article to the businesses that have or attempted to have a web presence. Most particularly, business owners who have reservations about having a web site, or don’t feel like including web site design as part of their marketing plan, you are the ones who might benefit the most out of this article.

So the crucial question is:

How do I determine if my business needs to have an online presence?

  1. Analyze some of your current customers. You can straight ask them whether they sometimes search on the internet to look for a product or a service they desire to acquire.
  2. Whatever you are selling – products or services -, do you have competition who already has an online presence.
  3. If you have competitors online, do they have an online store, presented on their web site? Do they have articles advertised on their site that visitors can access and order from?
  4. Do you see on your competitors’ online stores items that are similar to ones you sell yourself?
  5. Can you compete with the prices that competitors announce in their online store?
  6. Businesses that operate a brick and mortar shop, go ahead and do an evaluation of the visibility your shop has. Now try to imagine the additional visibility you might generate by hosting an internet website.
  7. To get the feel of the power of the internet, go to a search engine, like Google, and research businesses that are similar to yours. Select one or two that are not direct competitors of yours because they are geographically remote from your business. Now take the time to communicate, by e-mail or phone, with the owners and ask how long they had their websites and has it been a good experience for them.
  8. Take a moment of relaxation away from the stress of a day’s work and spend some time analyzing what has held you back from taking advantage of a web presence. Studies identify 2 main reasons why businesses operate without a web site:

a)     They are afraid of being overwhelmed with all the technical jargon and internet technology.

b)     They firmly believe – and also heard gloomy stories from others – that a decent website design costs too much and, most importantly, it costs even more to continuously hire the required technical help for maintenance and development.

Are you such a business person? Do you identify with any of these situations?

If you answer affirmatively to any of these questions, it may be advisable to include online presence in the marketing of your business. You might be surprised how little a successful web site will cost you compared to standard and traditional form of adverting.

Besides, partnering with Kwik-Web makes your online experience exciting and allows you to discover new methods directed to the success of your business and the enhancement of its bottom line.

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