Jan 202013

So here is a relatively new idea and way to market your small business that I’m really excited to share. More than 7.8 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2011 alone. Also the revenue from SMS traffic is expected to break the $150 billion dollar mark in 2013. The coolest statistic is that the open […]

Aug 212012

Social media is a powerful tool if used properly. I almost want to compare it to a second opportunity to create a real reputation like you had in high school originally. For most people, the information in this article shouldn’t apply to them but for those looking to use social media as a platform to […]

Aug 192012

Early last year (approx April 2011), Google announced a major overhaul of their search algorithm that they so happily codenamed Panda Update. This change caused a major uproar amongst the SEO experts of the internet since almost overnight, sites that were previously ranking fairly high in the search engine results were now not even appearing in […]

Aug 172012

Technological advancement and the rapid growth of the internet have enabled many entrepreneurs and self starters to begin new businesses from their homes. The urge to become one’s own boss and have a flexible working environment has prompted many to use the internet to earn their bread and butter. I for one have been working […]

Aug 022012

So recently I came across an article about needing to be an expert on a subject before writing about it if your intention is to sell what you are writing about. I don’t completely agree with that statement at all. In my opinion there are several differences between being a trusted authority and an expert […]

Nov 082011

Years ago, I took it upon myself as a challenge to learn HTML in order to create my very first website. It looked something like this: Most would agree that compared to today, what you see on your right is not that fancy or attractive but that is what was considered a good site at one point […]

Jul 102011

Historically, Google has failed time and time again with launching it’s social media platforms. Google Buzz is a great example of their main attempt to enter the social media circle and fail. I bet not even one in ten people that read this blog post have ever even heard about Google Buzz. This time however, […]